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Poogle Solitaire

Back in the earlier days of Neopets, Poogle Solitaire was a popular daily that users could pay 50 NP to play and win up to 650 NP in return, along with the chance at a Poogle plushie or an increase of speed or intelligence for their pet.

The game is no longer available to play, but below we have re-created a version of the game for you to play yourself!

How to Play

This game is similar to peg solitaire, in that you may click on one Poogle at a time to hop over another Poogle into an open space on the board. For example, in the fresh game below, you may click on the Poogle in spot 29 and move him into spot 17, eliminating the Poogle in spot 24.

The goal of the game is to have one Poogle remaining on the board, with bonus points for having it in the center!

Start Over?

Woo Hoo! You win!


Old Game Introduction

Below is the old game introduction:

Welcome to the new Poogle Solitaire game. Based off of the old style of Solitaire, this game of concentration and speed will surely test your skills.

The object of the game is to remove all of the Poogles except for one. To play, you click on the Poogle that you wish to move, and then you click on the open position that you wish to move it to. You can only move horizontally or vertically, and your move must jump over a Poogle and land in an open spot.

An old style blue Poogle

It costs 50 Neopoints to play. You can only win Neopoints once per day, but you can continue to play for free throughout the rest of the day. It would definitely be worth it too. I have heard rumours that you can win Poogle Toys or have your pets gain experience for playing, although they may just be rumours.

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