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Sir Pompadour

Sir+Pompadour Species: Skeith

Description: Pompadour is a vain Skeith who thinks he's a treasure hunter. He heard of the vast treasures in the ruins of Old Maraqua, but didn't realise they were underwater. Not wanting to get his hair wet, Pompadour instead captured Maraquan Petpets to collect the treasure for him.

Hails From: Maraqua

Featured In: Petpet Plunge

JN Related Guide: Petpet Plunge

- "Yeah, I come here to pick up new workers, I mean, new Petpets. Cute little critters, right? *cough* Just stay out of my way. I'm sure you'll be no competition catching the varmints, but you wouldn't want to get hurt by my awesome whirlpool technique."
- "Now that the pesky Petpet Appreciation types have gone home again, let's get down to business. I have a wager with some pirate friends regarding a cannon and a certain faerie Slorg, and I mean to make a tidy profit."

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