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Hugo Fairweather

Hugo+Fairweather Species: Tonu

Description: Professor Hugo Fairweather, archeolinguist and expert of ancient lore, set out to search for an island desribed in Mad Tongue Murphy's journal. He dedicated his life to finding it, making him the ridicule of the Seekers. The island was found and the Professor, alongside his companions, returned home from the island filled with gigantic petpetpets.

Hails From: Unknown

Featured In: Journey to the Lost Isle

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Extra Information: Hugo is a member of the Seekers, and also lecturers at Brightvale University.

- "Now, hitherto, this journal had been untranslatable to some of the finest linguists of our day."
- "Splendid!"
- "Amazing... to have set foot on the very foundation of legends, yet still leave so much undiscovered."

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