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Scrap Species: Gnorbu

Description: Scrap was a stowaway on the SS Primella, which the group led by Professor Fairweather was going to use for their journey to the Lost Isle. Scrap was allowed to remain on the ship and escaped the island with the others. He is now serving as the first mate on the Primella.

Hails From: Krawk Island

Featured In: Journey to the Lost Isle, Stowaway Sting, Collectable Card

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- "Hey there! Would you mind helping me out? I'm trying to clear my name, and to do so I need to thwart these thieves! If you're a big enough help I'll even give you these old gloves that I found."
- "Now, now, don't get your ears in a tangle! Let me explain"
- "Terribly sorry I couldn't pay for passage on your fine little boat here, but I had to get away."
- "Say, thanks, mister."
- "Ha, that was a waste of a trip."
- "Hey, give me a hand, will ya? These oafs are after me, but I'm innocent... really! Put my hat on, and run this way, and I'll run that way to split them up. Good luck, I think you'll need it!"

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