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Captain Threelegs

Captain+Threelegs Species: Eyrie

Description: Captain Threelegs is an Eyrie over in Krawk Island that trains pets for the cost of dubloons, having retired from pirating. Though he tells anyone who'll listen that he lost his leg in a battle against a gigantic Krawk, the truth is that it happened in a freak Tombola mishap. He is known to have served onboard both the Esmeercadia (which sunk) and the Peophintine (which picked him up after being sunk), though he was the Captain on neither ship. In exchange for teaching in the Training School, he has been given a pardon for his crimes.

Hails From: Krawk Island

Featured In: Collectable Card, Neopedia

JN Related Guide: Swashbuckling Academy

Extra Information: Cap'n Threelegs offers free training on pet days as well as Neopets' birthday (November 15). He used to look like this!

- "I be the finest swordsman in this whole island!"
- "Aye, I could murder a Hot Dog right now!"
- "Don't ye go trustin' that scurvy Techo on Mystery Island..."
- "For the more expensive dubloons, use the Dubloon-O-Matic"
- "Me courses can last a while, but arrr, they are worth it!"
- "Argg, shiftless waisters! Either shape up or I'll have ye walkin' the plank!"
- "What's with all these fake dubloons floating around today? I tell you, it ain't right, messin' with a pirate's mind like that! Listen here, you'd better get down to the harbour and fish me up some real dubloons. I'll let you keep a percentage -- what do ya say?"

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