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Lord Darigan

Lord+Darigan Species: Korbat

Description: King Skarl stole Darigan's orb, which cast a plague among Darigan's people, so naturally they wanted it back. Hence, the Meridell wars were fought. In the first one, Darigan fell under the influence of the Three, though he fell from power in the final battle and retreated into hiding, leaving General Kass to take over the citadel. In the second war, Kass attacked Meridell and eventually also lost; after he, too, was defeated, a now-renewed Darigan took back his citadel and is now at peace with Meridell again.

Hails From: Darigan Citadel

Featured In: Champions of Meridell, Battle for Meridell, Collectable Card, TCG

Extra Information: Lord Darigan founded the Citadel, rather than inheriting the title of Darigan. Before becoming cursed, he looked like this. An Advent Calendar animation's prizes parodied his character, turning him Faerie and renaming him Lord Faerigan.

- "Just because we're currently at peace with Meridell doesn't mean that you can just swan up here and explore my citadel whenever you feel like it. Now please leave before I summon the guards!"
- "In honour of the Discovery of Meridell celebration coming up, Darigan Citadel is participating in some of the games that our quaint neighbours have established. I must confess that I have a personal fondness *cough* for the charming pastime of Kass Basher."
- "This game was named for the Citadel, not myself. I have only the greatest esteem for Kikos. That said, I do feel the game provides a certain... edge to young Darigans who train extensively with it."

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