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Tiki Tour Guide

Tiki+Tour+Guide Species: Unknown

Description: The guide of the Tiki Tours, this little guy was one of the victims during the Mystery Island plot. He apparently had some children, according to the plot and some of them were seen in the plot.

Hails From: Mystery Island

Featured In: Volcano Mystery, Tiki Tours

Extra Information: Tiki Tour Guide is one of the Coconut People native to Mystery Island, but is sometimes thought to be a Jubjub, although this has not been confirmed to be true.

- "AT LAST! Thank you so much for saving me! I was stuck in that stupid shop for days.. not able to do anything about helping my friends back on Mystery Island! It will take me a while to get my power back, as that shaman has stripped me of all that I can do to help. You must rescue the others. I can tell you two things - I think they are trying to release the beast within the volcano, and that one of the words to summon the beast is 'Ancient'. Good Luck!"

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