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Hannah Species: Usul

Description: Hannah is a former barmaid turned adventurer who tracked the pirate Captain Bloodhook to his caves in order to recover her grandfather's stolen property. Later, she was recruited by Kanrik in order to free the Bringer of Night. After Kanrik betrayed her, Hannah traveled to Terror Mountain and was instrumental in stopping the Bringer, and freeing the Bori. She bears the mark of Ka-Tutep as a reminder of this journey. She has since moved on to adventuring on Kreludor.

Hails From: Krawk Island

Featured In: Hannah and the Pirate Caves, Hannah and the Ice Caves, Neopedia, TCG

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Extra Information: In the Curse of Maraqua comic, Hannah and Kanrik appear to marry!

- "Armin, don't touch that crate! It shoots arro-AHHHH!!!"
- "Pirates? Traps? Monsters? TREASURE?!? I'm there!"

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