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Princess Roberta

Princess+Roberta Species: Acara

Description: Roberta is a princess, the niece of King Hagan. She was once a diplomat for Brightvale, but longed to be a sorceress. Seradar eventually tutored her, teaching her the ways of magic. When the Darkest Faerie tried to take over Neopia, Roberta teamed up with Tormund to reach Altador and free its protectors. Then, in a final battle with the Darkest Faerie, Roberta helped turn the faerie back into stone. After her victory, she returned to her job as the shopkeeper of Brightvale's scrollery.

Hails From: Brightvale

Featured In: TCG, The Darkest Faerie (video game), Brightvale Scrollery

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Extra Information: Though Roberta is Hagan's niece, she does not appear to be Skarl's daughter.

- "Hi there. Feel free to browse around, we have magical scrolls for almost every need."
- "My uncle King Skarl thinks he's the best at Biscuit Brigade, and he likes to prove it. Would you please go show him that we're tough cookies here in Brightvale? Otherwise I might have to turn him into a Mortog. You don't want to know how much paperwork that would create."

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