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Dr. Frank Sloth


A misunderstood evil genius, Dr. Sloth has tried multiple times to take control of Neopia. He is the creator of the Virtupets Space Station, and he employs a vast army of brainwashed Grundos to carry out his evil deeds. One of his latest schemes of world domination, a few years back, was in the Brucey B. and the Lucky Coin plot, when he tried to use an ancient, mystical staff to summon and control the Rock Beast to take over the world for him. He failed, obviously, when Brucey B. recruited the rest of Neopia to come and help fight.

Most recently, a long time since the Brucey B. plot, he fought against an array of heroes including Gorix, Cylara and the Space Faerie when he tried to take over the Space Station. Though it was a definite struggle, the Resistance beat his forces while Cylara sealed him in the Space Faerie's Token, leaving us to wonder when he'll ever escape and plot havoc again.

It is thought he gained his PhD in horribleness, though it is unknown where. Though his exact age is a mystery, it is known that he discovered the secret of mutating pets when he was 88 years old, and may have been on Neopia since before Neopets or Faeries.


Neopia. What a lovely planet. I think I'll take it.
Pitiful Neopets, you will all soon be my slaves.
Before trying to take over the world, it's perfectly fair to give yourself an unfair advantage.
You pathetic creatures will never live through my onslaught. Come you fools and throw your life away to my warship! Your noble sacrifice might be touching if I actually cared, but I don't." *pushes button to fire* "MUAHAHAHAHA.
Puny Neopian, you have lost the race before it even started. I have already hired Ace Zafara for the position, and he is making me millions -- millions, do you hear? If you can somehow prove yourself to be competent after all, I will spare you from being sludged. For today.
Oh, good, my Mutant Milkshake has arrived... what?! You dare fire upon my ship? I might have admired your audacity, if you hadn't just spilled my Mutant Milkshake all over my robes. I blame you for this disaster even though you are clearly not in the same room. Grundos, launch missiles!
I have been informed that simple chemistry is responsible for what fools call 'love'. Thus, all I have to do is invent the perfect chemical solution and I will be able to make all of Neopia adore me! It's so obvious; why did I not think of it before? MWAHAHA HA HA HA HA! Hand me that beaker, you nitwit.
Yes, please step right up and help run my factory. I could really use the funds for... research.
Muahaha, you want to destroy my laboratory little Neopet? Come on in, you're in for quite the surprise... *Evil laughter*
Look at all those little toys running around so helplessly… You can try to get them out, but you'll only get yourself stuck in there as well. Muahahaha!
A challenge? How cute, let's see how long you last!
Bwahahaha! I'm indestructible! This will teach those measly Neopians to not mess with me!
Nobody is ever going to find this perfect little lab of mine! Hey you, pesky creature! What are you doing down here! Get going now you have no business down here!

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Dr. Sloth won the Year 10 Gormball Championship.

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