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Nanci is the shopkeeper at Ye Olde Petpets in Meridell. After her shop was destroyed in the first Meridell War, Nanci managed to save all her Petpets, and rebuild the shop. These days, she hand-raises all her Petpets, with help from assistants.


Hello! Here to try out Dragoyle Hunting? Don't worry, it's a harmless little game, and these fellas just love playing! If you're lucky, you may even form a special bond with your Dragoyle as you spend time together. If you just step over here, I'll introduce you to your partner…
Come on, don't worry. Just pet him. He needs to be able to recognize you when you go looking for him. There you go! Now these fellas love flying around and collecting shiny stuff. So here’s what you have to do – once I release him, you must go searching for him through the land and bring him back to me! If you can do so before midnight, I will have a reward for you. Ready?
And it's goooone! Now find that *colour* Dragoyle before it gets too far. Remember, it may be hiding anywhere in Meridell, so be sure to check thoroughly in every place you can think of! You must be quick if you're hoping to win a prize.
That was quick! And you two seem to be great friends already! Unfortunately it's time to say goodbye. Come back tomorrow to play again with another Dragoyle.
All this activity has tired out my Dragoyles. I don't think they’ll be getting out and about for a while now! I should probably go and take care of them! Thank you for taking part in this grand tradition of Dragoyle Hunting! I hope you had a good time!

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