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Good-natured and eager to please, Vik the Jetsam is an outgoing fellow who's sure to bring a little life to any party. When he's not too busy running Vik's Tiki Bingo Parlour, he can usually be found among his many friends, telling some outrageous story with a beaming smile and a hearty laugh. However, just because Vik is a nice guy doesn't mean that he's a chump. Anyone who tries taking advantage of his easygoing nature will learn soon enough that Vik the Jetsam is nobody's fool.


I'll tell you what, buddy... I am about this close to throwin' you headfirst from this pier. The way I see it, you've got a real simple choice; you can either shut your trap and allow me and my friends to enjoy ourselves in peace, or I can see to it that you go out for a little swim and don't come back! Now, what's it gonna be?

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