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YRB-X1 (Yurbot)


This easy-to-anger robot is in charge of Dr. Sloth's space faerie token plant onboard the Doctor's flagship. His anger circuits may be based on the Yurble Foreman's.


*BZZT* Greetings, biological unit. I am Sloth Industries Maintenance Unit YRB-X1, but you may identify me as "Yurbot"
*BZZT* Kreludan metal output is dropping to unacceptable levels. With the return of Dr. *BZZT* return of the Grundo population to this sector of Kreludor, more Kreludan metal must be acquired. All pilots with *BZZT* mining experience are hereby ordered to the mines immediately.
This unit's designation is YRB-X1. Because it is too hard for unoptimised systems like yourself to pronounce, you may call me Yurbot. I am here to prevent unnecessary disposal of robotic Petpet units. You are not equipped to deal with this task. This unit is not capable of pity.
Greetings, biological unit. I am programmed to process billions of plushies per hour at this facility. How many can you manage?
Biological unit, you are just in time. *BZZT* Droid designation YRB-X1, commonly called Yurbot by you organics, has been tasked with eradicating Slorgs in this sector. You are being ordered to the surface to engage in clean up. Do not disappoint Dr. *BZZT*.

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Although it was thought he was onboard Sloth's flagship when it was destroyed, appearances in Better Than You competitions since then appear to suggest he escaped before detonation and is still active.

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