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Garin is the current captain of the Black Pawkeet. He got involved in the battle to save New Maraqua after a chance meeting with Isca, and now has the freedom of the city. At some point in the future, his crew will begin to lose trust in him, and only his first mate, Jacques, will keep them in line.


Don't worry my pretty, my ship can outsail anything in the water. Now hand over the necklace too!
I love pirating, the adventure... the treasure!
Jacques and I decided to visit his cousins in Terror Mountain for the holidays. Those little -- Well, let's just say his cousins were waiting for us, armed with piles of snowballs. But a true pirate defends his treasure from all attackers. YEAH, YOU'D BETTER WATCH OUT, SCALLYWAGS!
Eh, life without pirates attacking is just not any fun, right? Right? Heh. Scarblade may think he's got the upper hand, but he never should have tried to board MY ship!
You there! Grab a sword and give me a hand keeping Captain Scarblade's men off my ship. That scallywag is going to regret tangling with the Black Pawkeet!

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