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Hubert runs the hot dog stand in Neopia Central and was featured in the Hunt for the Crown puzzle. At least one of his hot dogs has become sentient, and was featured in the game Hot Dog Hero. He originally grew up in the jungles of Tyrannia, before moving to Neopia Central.


Get em while they're hot!!!
Hey, could you give me a hand? Oddly enough, hot dog thieving is on the rise in Neopia and I'm due to get a massive shipment this week. I need your help to make sure my hot dogs get here intact!
One of Neopia's biggest hot dog thieves has busted out of jail, and I really need your help to make sure he doesn't put me out of business! Go out and help make sure my hot dogs get to me safely. Good luck!
Aw jeez, it seems my hot dogs keep mysteriously disappearing. Can you help my hot dogs to safety through this treacherous obstacle course to land them safely back into my restaurant? I mean who doesn't love hot dogs?! A lot of people? Oh well, do it as a good deed for the day?

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