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Neopet v2 (sometimes called Neopets v2) is a computer program created by Dr. Sloth. He abandoned it, but it was later reactivated by accident. It briefly held a group of children hostage in the hopes of them becoming his friends, before he was once again deactivated.


You will never defeat me!
Are you my friend?
Our friendship is special.
Friends are forever and ever and ever...
You will ALWAYS be my friend...
NOOOOO!!! You will pay for that!
Do you like games?
You are entering no Neopets land.
Come play with me...
It's all fun and games until somebody dies...
Moments spent with you keep me going...
Why can't we be friends?

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You can talk to Neopet v2 by going here. He is largely based on the computer system in the film, Wargames.

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