The Book of Ages

King Skarl


Skarl is the ruler of Meridell, greedy and always hungry, he also has a very bad temper - though many try to cheer him up by telling jokes. Although he did not personally order the theft of Darigan's orb after Meridell fell into a famine, he did not return it either - he also briefly fell under the Darkest Faerie's control when she stormed Meridell.


Bring more food!
Incredible! These Hasees are such acrobats! Their aerial stunts are a marvel to behold -- at least, when they're bouncing for me. Royalty does have its privileges. Can you inspire them to perform as well for you?
Woo! Look at it go! I bet they'll find it in Shenkuu! Heh heh! This is a quaint little game, isn't it? Gives a fellow some exercise (but not too much), helps him work up an appetite - Bring me another drumstick! - and it teaches history. Naturally I'm quite skilled at it.
Humph, do you have what it takes to be a Meridell knight? I'm not so sure, but let's see what ya got.
Begone! Far too many have been snooping underneath my throne for one day.

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