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Jhuidah is the Faerie in charge of the great Cooking Pot in Mystery Island and one of the five guardians of the island. She has made an exclusive deal with the company PD Secure Storage in regards to the trading post, which she also runs.


Aww, Hasees are such delightful creatures... HEY! Who threw that dung?!? All right, someone's going to pay for that. Listen, while I go hunt down the culprit and teach them basic Neopian decency, would you keep an eye on these Hasees for me? They deserve a healthy, dung-free environment to frolic in.
You'd think creating new recipes would be all fun and games... and it is. But sometimes games are hard! Oh, here comes another pet! Mind watching these Hasees for a bit?
It will be fun, I thought, petpets are so cute, babysitting them will be a breeze! Wow, was I wro-right! I mean, I was so right, it's great. So why don't you come help me? Just for a little while? Please?

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