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Miss Tobik


Miss Tobik is a member of Neopia Central's high society. She dislikes her fellow socialite Tara Rebholz so much that she sometimes goes to different establishments just to avoid her.


It's that filthy scamp, Tara Rebholz! I despise her with a passion. We'll have to dine elsewhere...
Ugh, I simply can't STAND participating in community sports like this. My proper role is that of spectator, preferably in a comfortably heated booth! You'll simply have to take my place in the competition. Do well, dear. I have a reputation to uphold.
I suppose all the street urchins are off playing that absurd Games Master Challenge. *sniff* Who can I possibly get to deliver these clothes to Hannah for me? I cannot be expected to do it myself, after all. How dreadful.
Ugh, the wind is positively blizzardy at the moment. It will be dire sitting there in the stands watching the Bruces compete. How fortunate that I have a private box to view the skating from.

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