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Casandia is an air Faerie who is credited with discovering the Hasee. Originally, she brought all of them to Faerieland, but they soon over-ran the palace, and Fyora ordered them to be relocated. Before she could decide where to, the Hasees fell into the ocean. They eventually found Mystery Island and developed the game of Hasee Bounce, but Casandia caught up to them, and took them all to a nearby petpet shop.

Proving herself to be a rather clumsy Faerie, Casandia then later dropped another load of petpets off the clouds of Faerieland when transporting them to the Petpet Park. It was up to the PPL to save them. She is known to have tutored Kelzara in air magic.


Do not worry, good citizens of Mystery Island... I'll help solve this crisis.
Hello, good citizen! It's very kind of you to offer your help saving Petpets from the Snowbeast, but I have it completely under control. These Neopets keep getting in my way, but I have been sneaking the Petpets past them into this little cave where they'll be safe.
Oh no, oh no! I was just on my way to a secret meeting in Faerieland -- oops, shouldn't have mentioned that -- when I tripped and spilled the refreshments I was bringing! Can you clean up the mess? I seriously don't have time to do it myself. I'm already late to a secret meeting -- oops, shouldn't have mentioned that!
The Happiness Faerie gave me a quest! Isn't that just neat? She said that all I have to do is feed this sweet little Chia a couple times. I can do that!
This little old Neopet just dropped a Babaa in my arms and told me to get back to sitting! How rude; I was clearly standing!

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