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Gilly was once just a poor Usul who was lost in the woods and accidentally stumbled into the Castle of Eliv Thade seeking shelter. Eventually, she then stumbled upon a wanderer camp and became the focus of a new plot. Along with Bruno and Sophie, she faced many obstacles while solving the mystery of Neovia's curse and resurrecting the town.


That's hardly fair! We need the name to know when he died, but we need to find out when he died to know the name!
Hey, you remember when Bruno, Sophie, and I had to trek through the woods to find Ilere and had to deal with those ghost Meepits? If not, just bear with me please. Well, it seems I get a kick out of giving Meepits juice, but I just can't seem to reach my goal. Mind if I watch you play and learn some tricks to it? If you can hit my goal, I'll give you reward!
I was on my way to visit Sophie -- she makes lovely tea, you know -- when I must have taken a wrong turn somehow. Clowns came out of nowhere and started throwing pies at me! It's really odd, but I think they might be robots...
Is there someone there? Oh! Please help me find my way out of here. I got lost in the woods and just wanted to get out of the rain but now I'm trapped in this creepy castle!

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