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Admiral Kyrwinne


Kyrwinne runs the Little Nippers petpet shop on Krawk Island. Once, he served onboard the S.S. Peophintine, and was caught in a storm. The mast broke and crushed his leg beyond repair, and he was marooned on Krawk Island. There, some kind petpets nursed him back to health, and he was inspired to open up shop.


Ahoy, me little nippers. There be plenty of snacks for all of ye! Just be patient...
Come To Plunder A Pirate? Lookin' for a handout, eh? I oughta fix ye up with a shiny hook and make ye a proper pirate. But alas, regulations prevent me... so how about I pass ye this here goodie bag, under the table, like, and we call it a Halloween?

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