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Illusen is a kind Earth Faerie, who lives in Meridell. At one time she lived in Faerieland, but left for reasons unknown. She helped defend Meridell during their wars, and has remained there in her glade since. Illusen sends many young Neopets out on quests, although no one knows what she plans to do with all the items she's collected.

Illusen's greatest foe is Jhudora, although no one save the two of them knows what happened between them - some even say they were once friends.

In the Darkest Faerie game, Illusen became possessed by the Darkest Faerie after the Werelupe King stole her charm (which protected her from the Darkest Faerie). Tor and Roberta recovered the charm, and in thanks, Illusen gave them the Faerie Orb, which can cut through magical barriers.


I had some spare Neopoints lying around, so I thought you may like to have them!
It's ok, take as long as you want..
The nice thing about visiting Terror Mountain is that you can enjoy snowball fights all year round! Why don't you take a break and come by? The Soup Faerie and I could use some competition. If you beat my score, I'll give you a gift...
Now I know you aren't thinking of hitting me with that snow--oof! Okay, that's it. It's snowball fight time! Bring it on!
In honour of the holiday -- I can celebrate my own holiday, right? -- I'm holding an archery tournament! ...Sir Jeran informs me that we are actually using ballistae instead of bows. I suppose that makes it a ballista tournament instead. *pouts* That doesn't have the same ring to it.
Please, young pilot, help these poor farmers by ridding the skies of these dreaded pirates! I'll even reward you for your efforts with some special earth from the forest.

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