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Montecito plays as a defender for Brightvale. He is known as the 'Baby Faced Mauler', as he stops at nothing to bring players from other teams down. During 2012, he was promoted to team captain - and seems to have filled out his frame a lot from his old look. In 2018, there were rumours he had a verbal dressing down from King Hagan, but he laughed them off.


We've brought in a statistical guru who's crunched the numbers to give us an idea of what a player will do in a certain situation. Take, for instance, Volgoth from Mystery Island. 84% of the time he runs right over you and 9% of the time he passes. The other 7% of the time he gets distracted by something shiny in the crowd.

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Montecito participated as a member of the Brightvale Yooyuball team from 2006 to 2008, and again from 2010 to 2022. He appeared in a vision of ancient Altador, implying he is either very old or capable of some form of time travel.


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