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Derlyn Fonnet


Fonnet is the Captain of the Kreludor team, and plays as a defender. Not only is she good at defence, but she can turn her hand to offensive tactics as well. She has become penpals with "Brains" Mortigan on the Haunted Woods team. There were rumours going into the AC10 that if Kreludor's performance did not improve she would be axed.


It is tough but not impossible to win the Altador Cup X.
We've made mistakes in the past, and we've learned from them. We aren't taking anything for granted now, we've practiced hard and we will not let our guard down until we have the Cup in our hands once more!
Well, they need 'someone' to blame. But this will not affect either my performance or the rest of the team's gameplay. We will get back on field and prove the critics wrong. After all, action does speak louder than words.

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Derlyn participated as a member of the Kreludor Yooyuball team in 2006 and from 2008 to 2022.


Biggest Underachiever (nomination)

All-Neopia Second Team - Defender (with Zayle Sufhaux)

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