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Leera Heggle


Heggle is the Captain of Team Lost Desert, and its goalkeeper. Some say the highlights of his career are behind him, but he begs to differ. He is always the first to arrive at practice, and the last to leave. His first Petpet was a Cobrall.


I've always liked Cobralls. My first Petpet was a Cobrall, you know, and I've never lost the knack of charming them. It takes a lot of skill to work well with your Cobrall, though. You have to train for years -- a bit like Yooyuball, actually.

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Leera participated as a member of the Lost Desert Yooyuball team from 2006 to 2022.


All-Star Team - Goalkeeper (nomination)

Most Valuable Player (runner-up)
All-Neopia First Team - Goalkeeper

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