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Mayor Thumburt


As the mayor of Neovia, Mayor Thumburt summoned the Spirit of Slumber to cure the monstrous effects of Krawley's potions and help the town. However, this came at a great price, and when the curse was lifted, the townspeople and he attacked Bruno, placing blame on him for everything. He became the "boss" of the plot as thousands of Neopians fought him. Neovia was finally cured when Sophie made the right potion. During the final fight, Sophie turned Thumburt into a Moquot. She did not reverse the spell, and Neovia is currently without a mayor. Before taking Hissi Oil, the Mayor looked like this:

Thumburt before taking Hissi Oil

After the effects of Sophie's magic, when he was turned into a Moquot, he looked more like this:

Thumburt while changed into a Moquot


Long have we suffered under the taint he brought into our town, but no more shall we suffer quietly. Today, we claim vengeance!
Eep? Eep?

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