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Lilo Blumario


Blumario is the Captain of Team Roo Island, and serves as one of their forwards. He is considered one of the finest players out there, and turned down many better offers in order to sign up with his home team of Roo Island.


No, I am not blaming last year's game on bugs. After our earlier experience, we have taken the necessary precautions to keep bugs at bay. With no bugs to flick off, the team was able to focus on the game and we identified some moves that are no longer relevant. With that out of the way, players can explore other tactics that are better suited to their current strengths.

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Lilo participated as a member of the Roo Island Yooyuball team from 2006 to 2022. He appeared in a vision of ancient Altador, implying he is either very old or capable of some form of time travel.


Most Valuable Player (nomination)
All-Star Team - Forward (winner, with Layton Vickles)

Most Valuable Player (runner up)
All-Neopia First Team - Forward (with Layton Vickles)

Most Valuable Player (winner)
All-Neopia First Team - Forward (with Mirsha Grelinek)

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