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Team Kreludor

Team Kreludor

Kreludor's team of Yooyuball players were mysteriously absent during the second Altador Cup. It was later explained by Derlyn Fonnet that there had been some mechanical troubles with the training center's gravity control causing the whole team to practice in weaker gravity levels than that of Neopia. This in turn caused a lack of bone and muscle density that would have been dangerous to the team's health had they chosen to play on Neopia. The team chew and then wear bubblegum behind their ears in the hopes of it giving them luck, a tradition started by Qlydae Wegg after he did it accidentally during a match.

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Team Kreludor participated in the Altador Cup in 2006 and from 2008 to 2022.

Best placement: 1st (2012)
Worst placement: 12th (2016)

In 2008 they received the 'Most Improved Team' Award.

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