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Bernard runs the Booktastic Book shop on Kreludor, and has his own book club (complete with rewards). He doesn't seem that happy about it though.


*sigh* you don't really want to buy a book do you? Well... if you like my books that much, I guess you could join the Booktastic Book Club. But only if you want to.
When I heard our food supply was being eaten by Slorgs, I went to my books for a solution! Naturally, I found one. Isn't that great? Books are so useful. Oh! You want my solution? *cough* Well, I sold that book already. I guess you'll have to figure it out yourself.
I was told there was a book fair here today, but instead everyone seems to be throwing things. I guess I can get into the spirit of it... Seems a little violent, though.
As wonderful as treats are, you can always learn new tricks from books! How about instead of a goodie bag, I give you some captivating books instead? No? Ah well it was worth a try. Fine then, here is your Trick-or-Treat bag. But don’t forget to come back and pick out a brand-new book!

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