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Cafe Kreludor Shopkeeper


Despite being half the size of Gargarox, this little Grundo claims to be a better chef, and has opened up a cafe on Kreludor to challenge Grundos Cafe on the Space Station.


Grundos Cafe? Bah that old dump! Cafe Kreludor is MUCH better.
Oh my stars and spatulas! Slorgs have invaded my kitchen! *whack!* My new X-1000 Slorgeriser had better arrive soon. Say, you wouldn't be interested in earning a little pocket change, would you? Grab a laser and help out. This is a health inspector's nightmare!
Hello! Boy am I glad to see you! Here I am trying to feed the good Neopians of Kreludor but all these Slorgs keep trying to eat all the food! If you can help me keep them away I will be sure to make it worth your while!

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