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A powerful witch doctor living on Mystery Island, this Techo caused havoc when he used his magic staff to enslave the Masked Intruder, a Defender of Neopia. He was eventually defeated, and the Masked Intruder was returned to normal.


Shall we start?
Better luck next time!!!
I can heal you after the battle, the price is something most won't pay...
Ooo eee, ooo ah ah!!!
I'll teach you how to REALLY fight!!!
HEH hehehe...
A CURSE on you!!!!
You will die a slow death...
I can kill you with a single word.
Good job!! Let's fight again sometime!
Do you dare to doubt my powers!!!
Did you know that I can tell the future?

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Tekkitu is the 7th opponent in the original Defenders of Neopia Series

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