The Book of Ages

Hubert Ellis


Hubert is Tor's father and runs a small farm near Meridell. When Tor asked to become a Knight, his father and mother agreed to let him, if it was what he really wanted. He often works as a tinkerer for the Market Town Trader's Guild. When the Darkest Faerie attacked, he was abducted by the Juppie Plant Beast, but later saved. He travelled to Faerieland to see his son be honoured by Fyora.


She couldn't have gotten far. You have to find Lucy before she gets into trouble!
Go quickly, son! Check in the Shadowglen Woods. There's a lot of dark things out there -- please hurry!
Lucy! Where are you?
You will make a fine squire, Tor.
I know the knights of Meridell will be proud to have you.
Just don't forget us 'little people' out on the farm.
Welcome home, son! How's life at the castle?
I imagine life's pretty different in Meridell Castle.
Your sister wants me to teach her swordplay. I don't think your mum will approve.
I heard a knight and his squire were riding to Cogham. Were they talking about you?
A royal mission! Who would have thought it!
And it wasn't long ago that you were tending to the fields!
A knight. My son's a knight! You are incredible, boy! I am so proud of you!
Well, 'Sir Tormund', just don't expect to get out of all the chores, understand?
Just remember, son. No matter how many titles you earn, you will always be our son at heart.
Dear lady. When did you become a member of the Traders Guild?
May I see what's in the package?
Beautiful... Just give me a minute and I'll get it assembled.
Here we go! A perfect spyglass! It goes to Douglas in Drackon Ridge. He'll be expecting it.
Same thing, every day; Things break, I keep fixing them. Maybe I'll just stop fixing them. And then maybe I'll break them all just so they never bother me again.
I need tools! I need more tools! Where are my tools!
It's about time you got home, you lazy cur! You think those chores are going to get done by themselves?
Son! We're so proud of what you've done.
Here, I have something for you. If fell from the sky one day and after a little tinkering around I found out it was a great fruit picker and... Well, your old man's rambling. I just figured... I imagined a hero like you could find other uses for it. GOOD uses.
Thank you from me and my family, my lady. You've saved our home!
You've been amazing, my lady. You're like the legends of old!
I am proud that my son had a chance to know and work with you.
You've done well, son. You're like the knights of old!
I could never be more proud of you than I am now.
Look at what you've done, son. You've saved our home!
Good day, my lady. What have you got? Ah. A broken watch. Let me see. I can fix it. Just let me have a piece of that crystal.
Ok... Done! How about that! A little polish and good as new!
My lady, any word from Meridell?
I fear for our capital. Can't anything be done?
This is more danger than anyone expected, my lady.
I never expected... This is amazing! This is more than we ever imagined for our son!
You can't imagine how proud we are for everything you've done.
A true defender of Meridell!

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