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Bank Manager


This Skeith is the manager of the National Neopian bank.


It's great to see you again. What can I do for you today?
The National Neopian does its best to protect your Neopoints, but thieves these days are getting far too bold! We need your help to keep an eye out for such unsavoury folk. Just stand by these buttons and do what you can to stop them in their tracks.
Something has to be done about these thieves! You there -- how would you like a position as a bank guard for a day? Help get these criminals behind bars and you will be justly rewarded!
You want to catch criminals for the National Neopian? Aren't you a little... scrawny for this position? Seriously, you'd better just stick to a desk job and leave the heavy lifting and the apprehending of suspects to the professionals. No offense.
Good, you're here. Just in time -- no, no interview. You're hired. We need security out there immediately. Slam the alarm buttons for every suspicious individual you spot. Just don't turn away any of our real customers. Do a good job and maybe you'll earn a desk position.

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In some appearances, the Bank Manager has a moustache.

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