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Oswoc is one of the greatest Alchemists on the face of Neopia. He spent most of his life secretly planning to take over Neopia, but needed Codestones to complete his scheme. He dispatched Balthazar to capture Faeries, then sent his two apprentices, Wourt and Meut, to defeat him, hoping that the Faeries would be so grateful that they would hand over the Codestones in return.

Eventually, Wourt and Meut discovered his plan and defeated him, saving Neopia.


Balthazar, I want to offer you the largest bounty you have even seen, as well as the chance to get revenge on those faeries you hate so much.
I want you to go and capture as many faeries as you can. Start in Meridell, and bring every last one that you capture to me. Is that understood?
Here, take this charm and cage of mutated Meepits. They will follow your orders. Between your new minions and the magical powers the charm provides you'll be unstoppable! Or, at least, certainly much more effective than when it's just you and that silly little net of yours, wouldn't you say?
Happy hunting.
I've done it! I've finally uncovered the formula that I need to complete my life's work. It will be GLORIOUS!
The formula I have discovered requires a specific set of codestones. The stones are kept at different locations throughout Neopia, where they're guarded by faeries. I need you to go and collect them. I'm counting on you to succeed.
Yes, minion. I have been expecting you to return with my codestones. Between these and the tablet, I shall wield more power than any Neopian has ever dared to dream of. Why, turning dung to Neopoints is just the beginning! With the power of the tablet, all of Neopia will bow before me!
You have done well my young apprentice! Taking care of that bounty hunter I hired was a simple task for you, as I knew it would be.
Of course. I knew those miserable faeries would never give me the codestones I needed, so I created the need for a hero, and you performed most admirably. I can't have you running around warning anyone of my plans, however. They'll find out soon enough, though.
I'm sorry that it has come to this sort of end for you. Perhaps I could just pop you into one of these bottles and place you on a shelf with these faeries that Balthazar brought me.
Guess again... Balthazar, crush him!!
No you treacherous wretch, don't leave me!!!
Please, show an old wretch some mercy. I promise... I'll be good.

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