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Underwater Chef


Before Maraqua was destroyed in a giant maelstrom, this master chef Flotsam made dishes for the royal family. But then disaster struck and now he's on Mystery Island, serving food to the demi-god, Mumbo Pango. He can't leave the island due to Mumbo's impulsive wishes for food but he needs to get his ingredients.


Well, don't just stand there... make yourself useful!
You call that a menu? It's got four hundred items on it! You can't possibly prepare all of those equally well! Go back and redo it! Bah. I'm working with amateurs. No one understands how important good cooking is.
Can't you see I'm busy and need to find all the right ingredients soon? Mumbo Pango has an un-dying hunger! Where does all that food go? I've whined enough... Would you like something from the kitchen? How about these goodies? Enjoy your freedom while it lasts.
Come on now! Are you gonna help me back here or what?!

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