The Book of Ages

Count Von Roo


This vampire Blumaroo is one of the most famous villains in Neopia. He was born in 200 BN and eventually settled on Roo Island when he found an abandoned castle. He slept there for 200 years, only recently waking, and has since gained a reputation of spreading terror throughout Neopia.


Heh, you vant to fight me?
Nobody messes with Count Von Roo
You will be my slave!
When it is dark my creatures will come to my aid!
You von't escape!
I vill get you sooner or later...
I have lived for a thousand years, I cannot be defeated!
You better protect yourself...
You should not have disturbed me...
Talk to me with respect, I am a Count!
Better luck next time!!!
You may have beaten me this time, but next time vill be different!
Of course I'm qualified to be the king's treasurer! I'm a count, am I not? But on a more serious note, King Roo would do well to hire me; who better to keep track of his treasury than one whom all good little Blumaroos fear? Mwahahahaha!
You dare disturb me while I slumber? Bah you certainly are lucky I am in such good spirits today! Even after a thousand years of wandering Neopia, Halloween never ceases to put me in a good mood. Here you might as well take this goodie bag. Now hurry up and scram before I change my mind!

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There is conflicting information about how old the Count is. Some sources claim he was born in 200 BN, while the Count himself has claimed to be over a thousand years old.

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