The Book of Ages

Black Pteri


The Black Pteri is a mysterious figure in Neopia. Neopians sometimes see him perched nearby, watching the world. Some say that he is waiting for an evil force to show up and destroy life on Neopia, but it hasn't happened yet.


Fight me if you dare!
Look into my eyes and sink into despair...
Death is all around you...
You shall defeat me nevermore!
Writhe and cry you shall not escape my talons tonight!
Be silent lest they hear your screams...
Nothing and no one can help you now...
My wings and claws shall steal the light from your eyes!
The darkness will soon come for you!
Wow, I didn't expect you to do so well!
You dare challenge me? I'll peck your eyes out!
A feather can be a powerful weapon...
Muhahaha, better luck next time!!!
Evil is coming! The Pterodactyls are merely the first harbingers of the utter destruction of Neopia. You are too pitiful to defeat them, but I will help you... for now.

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