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Lady Osiri


If you're looking for pottery to adorn your Neohome, this is the only place you're going to get it. Lady Osiri prides herself on being the only pottery shopkeeper in Neopia though she is a bit vain when it comes to her hair.


The finest pottery and Earthenware in the land!
This once belonged in the private collection of Coltzan himself, bless his departed soul. Big fan of urns that Coltzan.
I should have gone into wall sales. Those new-fangled Neohome owners would have just eaten them right up. But what can I do for you today? Fancy a Pumpkin Pot? Halloween is coming, you know.
I'd never withhold evidence, of course. Princess Amira is one of my best customers -- not to mention a beloved ruler. *sniff* It's just that I'm not sure what I heard is any use.
Hmm. Wait, who are you again? How do I know you're not in league with those thieves, trying to find out what I know?
Oh! Why didn't you say so before? In that case, I heard two voices this morning behind my stall. And they bragged about it! Ugh.
What can I do for you today, dear friend? I say ‘friend’ assuming you are not from Qasala. Tell me, how much do my famous Basketweave Vases cost a piece? If you are from the city, you should know.
Wrong! My wares once belonged in the private collection of Coltzan himself. Surely, you don't expect me to allow access to just about anybody. Sorry!
Perfect. The finest pottery and earthenware collection in the land is here for your perusal.

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