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Lost Desert Food Stall Shopkeeper


If you're tired of the summer heat and looking for a snack, this Grarrl's Food Stall would be the place to stop!


Lovely foods from the Lost Desert!
You look like you'd enjoy a fine Sand Pear. How about it? It's guaranteed to put sand on your chest.
What makes you think I'd know anything about it? I'm outraged. I'm insulted! I'm - well, I'll tell you one thing. It's not easy to steal, being so large. If I were going to nab it, and I wouldn't, just so we're clear, I'd use one of two methods.
You sure you don't want to buy a Sand Pear? *sigh* Everyone says they look like Chias. Anyway, I'd use some kind of invisibility potion to hide it, or else try outright bribery. Not that the palace guards are easy to bribe.
Isn't it a rather sweltering day? You look like you could do with a Pyracone. Here, I have just the flav- Wait a sec; I haven't seen you around before. Are you from here? Answer this question first: How much does a card from the Lost Desert Scratch Card Kiosk cost?
Absolutely! Come on in. Get in the shade. I have a huge variety of coolers to choose from.
Wrong! Don't hold up the line. I only serve the good folks of my city. Next, please!

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