The Book of Ages

Remnok the Nomad


When he isn't guarding his battle supplies shop in Sakhmet, Remnok wanders the Lost Desert for more ancient weapons to sell to warriors. Looking to arm your Neopet with ancient treasures and cobrall-themed weapons? Then you've come to the right place. He has a brother, who appears to be an identical twin, named Damon.


It's not the heat, it's the aridity...
You took your time arriving. I might have gone on a hunting expedition soon if you did not appear.
Politeness is the dance of civilization. It is wise to learn its steps. Just as a wise Neopet does not step out into the desert when the horizon is dark with sand in the wind.
What can be known of a thing, truly? If I study the art of the sword for a thousand days, do I know it? Or am I as much a student at the end as I was when I began?
Ha! A sleeping mind has awakened. Very well, I will give you what you seek, though understand that it is, by itself, a drop of water in the desert. You must collect the rain.
Rare and exotic, these weapons will blow you away. But before you peep in, I need to be sure you are not a Qasalan native. Your papers, please!
Traitor! You cannot be allowed in on our battle secrets. Return to where you came from!
Great! Don't mind me, buddy. Desperate times call for extra safety measures.

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