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Coltzan was the great king of the Lost Desert until he was murdered at a banquet in his own palace! The culprit was eventually found and his daughter, Princess Vyssa, constructed an obelisk shrine in his memory. Those who visit the shrine are said to sometimes be visited by the late king's spirit and recieve blessings.

Coltzan also made an appearance in NeoQuest II as one of the bosses for the Lost Desert level. His spirit was summoned and manipulated into a guardian for one of the three pieces of the Wind Medallion.

It is unknown exactly when Coltzan III came to the throne, but it could not have been before Year 0. While still alive, Coltzan looked like this:

Coltzan while alive

In an alternate timeline that has since been corrected, he avoided the poison and went on to oversee the arranged marriage between Amira and Jazan.


Cough... Who prepared this dish... cough... I heard someone sniffing in the kitchen... cough... It was yooo...
I must thank you again for releasing my spirit from the grip in which it was held. As you may know, I died by poisoning some months ago... but I found myself again with life--after a fashion--a few weeks ere now.
Ahh... Trick or treating? I remember when I was your age, I pulled quite a few pranks on the denizens of Sakhmet. Haha! Thank you for bringing back those pleasant memories. Here's a little something from me. Happy Halloween!
Why have you approached my obelisk today, perhaps you seek guidance? Or something else… oh wait Halloween snuck up on me again didn’t it? I am terribly sorry, it can be quite difficult to keep track of the holidays from the afterlife. Please accept my humble apology, as well as this goodie bag!

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He had a Spardel named Sparky, which died in August, Year 15.

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