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December 8, 2004

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The Snowager is a massive, ice Snowickle who lives in the Ice Caves with a stash of stuff. It is awake 21 hours a day, to prevent thieves from stealing its treasures. While getting something from him is random, it's possible to nab a Negg, scratchcard, keyring or other various goodies from him.

His appearance in the game Neoquest II was also simply the front of a sentinel program, meaning that it wasn't really him.


Do you want to fight?
Maybe next time you will beat me!!!
Feel my icy blast!!!!!!
It's just one of those things...
Good job, you are a powerful warrior!
Aww did the little NeoPet get hurt...
You need to plan your attacks better!
Death or Life, it isn't a hard decision...
You think you can be beat me with those ridiculous weapons of yours???
Maybe you should wait till I'm sleeping. That way, you may have a chance!
HA! And you think you are tough...hehe!
You are very persistant...
Are you sure you want to take this chance?
If I were you I wouldn't try that again. You've been warned.
Hey, I recognise you! You stole some of my precious treasures... now you will pay!
Watch out little one, you might just get hurt...
How dare you awake me from my slumber!!!
You DARE to bother ME!
I'm sleepy, I think I'll take a nap after I beat you.
Pathetic mortal, what do you think you are doing?
Rrrr... Grrrr.... RAAAWWWWWWWRRRRRR!!!!!

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One of the Snowager's Battledome quotes implies that he is immortal.

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