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Captain Arf (otherwise known as Dread Cap'n Arf) is a Warf who commands a small vessel of Petpets on Krawk Island called the Pernicious Pinchit. Each night he docks the boat near the Golden Dubloon, and eats up all of the leftovers. Unfortunately, Captain Arf doesn't have a very good stomach, and if the seas are particularly choppy he can throw his dinner straight back up! Recently he docked his ship in the Petpet Park port, where he quickly gained a nemisis in the form of Admiral Gully. During his stay in the park, Arf has hidden treasure in various areas. One such prized treasure is a teddy bear which he has named Captain Buttons. He is very skilled at playing the fiddle, a talent which he claims makes him a better pirate.


Uh, don't mind the mess. Just come take the wheel for a little while. It's easy! As long as you aren't prone to sea sickness that is...
Keep our boat afloat before we...blllehhhhhhh...bloat
Think you can do me a favour and take the wheel for a bit? Just please try and keep her steady! I'd love to actually digest my dinner for once...

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