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King Kelpbeard


Originally known only as the Koi King, Kelpbeard is the ruler of Maraqua. He refused to pay Dread's protection money due to bad kelp harvests, and as a result Old Maraqua was destroyed. Kelpbeard led the survivors to found New Maraqua, and successfully repelled a pirate attack some years later. Since then, he has become reclusive.


She is banished, and you should not have gone to see her. We can't take chances that might endanger the city.
Due to your meddling, land-dweller, we must prepare for war.
I hoped I wouldn't have to shed blood again, but someone has to stop Scarblade's tyranny!
I have not forgotten how to fight, my boy.
I swore to never take another life, but for you I will make an exception.

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