The Book of Ages



Katsuo has dreamed of being part of the Imperial Guard in the Shenkuu palace his whole life, and has trained in martial arts in order to impress the Emperor himself.


My sensei told me to take the day off and relax. What is relaxing? He also said I should study the clouds for hidden truths. This training to join the Imperial Guard is tough stuff! I guess I can spend some time staring at the clouds. Maybe he knows something I don't.
Could you be a Palace Guard? They don't take just anyone, you know. You have to be strong, dedicated, fearless... and loyal. Also, you can't be bothered by silly things like little bugs.
The highest honour of Shenkuu is being a Palace Guard, do you think you can get there without intense focus and precise training? Let's see if you have what it takes.
If I keep training I'll be a Shenkuu Palace Imperial Guard in no time! After all this practice, I don't think anyone could break more boards than me. What's that? You think you've got what it takes?

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