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Wise Ninja


This Wise Ninja hangs around the secret Ninja Training School at the base of Techo Mountain. He's always on hand to give out wise sayings.


React with life, don't react to life.
Kicks are a good attack, but in practice don't forget a mat.
Many young ninjas have tried, but most just died.
Don't snack after midnight!
A ninja's true strength lies within their mind.
Fish who swim upstream rarely get anywhere.
Some pets do not prepare for war, while other pets create war.
Eat soup before noon and you may be doomed!
The greatest journeys usually stray off the beaten path.
Ninjas are swift and cunning, they are not stupid and running.
Villians and monsters alike, have one thing in common they fight.
Seek the truth in the mysteries of Neopia.

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The Wise Ninja only appears in the Random Events at the Ninja Training School, which can only be accessed by pets with a level of 250 or higher.

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