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Techo Master's Master


This Nimmo once trained the Techo Master, teaching him everything he knows. The Techo Master's Master is presumably the head of the Secret Ninja Training School, though he never appears there directly. There is instead a wisdom-dispensing statue in his likeness, which many Neopets leave Neopoint donations in front of.


Man who hit stone with bare hand break many bones.
Irritation will kill a man quicker than your fist.
Fear cannot be seen if one does not become scared.
Crazy people often lose.
Man who laughs at everything is stupid.
I may fear for you, but you may not fear for yourself.
Small man may dodge better, but big man can sit on small man.
Only stupid man fight many opponents without weapons.
Only the weak will follow what others do instead of lead where others dare not tread.
Can you hear a man who walks into a room with no one there?
Creativity can help you when the odds are against you.
Only the master can truely be the master.
Think of this as poetry, then smash everything in sight.
Believe in yourself, for no one else will.

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The Secret Ninja Training School can only be accessed by pets with a level of 250 or higher.
As the Techo Master's Master has yet to appear in person, it is unknown if the statue is an accurate representation, or even if he is still alive.

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