The Book of Ages



J.R. is a Dipni who works on Grenn's Farm in the Petpet Park. He tends to the Chokato plants, and has focused much of his attention on one Chokato which he has named Clyde. J.R. has tended to Clyde since the very beginning, though is now concerned that the plant may have an infestation of Larnikins.


Howdy... this here's my Cho... ka... to, Clyde. I've raised Cylde since he were a little sprout.
He's pretty big now and keeps on gettin' bigger.
But that ain't the least of it... them dem Larnikins having taken to livin' inside old Clyde. They are feastin' away... burrowin' holes all althrough him. But he's a hearty one and keeps on a growin' depsite 'em.

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