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Tiki Tack Man


The Tiki Tack Man runs the Tombola down on Mystery Island, and is known to give out prizes out to people for playing. He is never seen without his mask, aside from during an April Fools Prank. His mask was also swapped with a cursed version during the volcano mystery, which made him do the shaman's bidding.


Come on, let's get this over with!
Better luck next time!!!
I knew this Bubble Beam would come in handy...
The Island is SO busy this time of year...
Yeah, you will most probably beat me... who cares?
I will set my pet Kougras on you if you win!
You did buy something from my shop, right???
Eat Tiki Bomb!!!
Take it eeeaasy...
Lightning is Cool...
You be on FIRE man!
Yo Man, good job!! Wanna fight again?
Daylight come and we wanna go home!
Don't you love my sword, I made it myself!

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